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Software::Utilities::File & Disk Management
MobiKin Transfer for Mobile (Mac Version) - Lifetime, 16-20PCs License
Powerful Transfer Tool for Transferring files between Android phone!
More info...

Image N/A Software
Photo Exifer
Fireebok Photo Exifer allows to view and edit your iPhone photo exif data and also GPS data. It also supports that save your iPhone photos and photo meta data to the computer.
More info...

IronWebScraper Organization License
IronWebScraper is the WebScraper library for C# and VB.Net. IronWebScraper allows developers to read website content. Install with Nuget or download the DLL. Commercial Licenses from $399.
More info...
Software::Utilities::File & Disk Management
MiniTool Power Data Recovery - Personal Standard
If you've managed to delete important photos, crush a partition, or otherwise go wiping out data where you weren't supposed to, add MiniTool Power Data Recovery to your list of last resorts. It's a powerful tool for finding data on Windows systems, working or otherwise.
More info...

Software::Utilities::File & Disk Management
DiskGenius Standard Edition
Advanced partition manager, data recovery and backup software for PCs and Servers.
More info...
Software::Utilities::File & Disk Management
DiskGenius Professional Edition
Advanced partition manager, data recovery and backup software for PCs and Servers.
More info...
Lazesoft Recovery Suite Technician Edition
Windows Server and Computer Data and System recovery CD, every Windows Administrator and Technician should have one - Lazesoft Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition. As a System Administraotr and Technician, do I need to prepare a couple of Recovery CD, Windows 2003 recovery CD, Windows 2008 recovery CD, Windows 2003 64 bit Recovery CD, Windows 2008 64 bit Recovery CD, Windows 7 Recovery CD, Data Recovery CD, Partition Manager CD, Windows Password Recovery CD...? No, with Lazesoft Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition, you just need one Recovery CD for all situations. Unlimited License and Technician License Lazesoft Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition covers all features of Server Edition, the Unlimited Edition have Unlimited License and Technician License. The Unlimited Edition is a valuable and cost-effective licensing option for system administrator, technicians and consultants. The Unlimited License - Business license that provides unlimited worldwide licensing for corporation / Government / Educational Institution. Technician License - For System Recovery, Data Recovery, Password Recovery Service Providers / Repair and Maintenance Companies. Provide technical services to your clients, Used on an unlimited number of computers. Why Unlimited Edition? Unlimited installations and usages within your enterprise. Provide technical services with unlimited usage. Free lifetime preferential technical service. Boot up any computer Support RAID and all Windows Operating Systems. Fixing all Windows boot and crash problems including booting failure, virus affections,blue/black screen, and more. Recover any files from your hard disk, memory card and flash drive no matter deleted, formatted, disk corrupted. Recover Windows local and domain admin password when you forgot or lost it; Find Windows CD key when you need to reinstall it. Disk Backup and Clone solutions including disk/partition imaging, cloning, wiping, partition creating, formating and more.
More info...
Image N/A Software::Multimedia & Design::Video
ThunderSoft DRM Protection
A DRM solution for video files, prevent illegal copying and distribution.
Software::Utilities::System Utilities
Eazy Fix 3 Licenses Pack
Eazy Fix eliminates the hassles and headaches of dealing with Windows problems by simply returning the computer to the way it was, IN SECONDS. Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine!
More info...
Software::Utilities::System Utilities
Baseline Shield
Baseline Shield is the best PC reboot and restore software in the market.
More info...
Software::Utilities::System Utilities
Eazy Fix
Eazy Fix eliminates the hassles and headaches of dealing with Windows problems by simply returning the computer to the way it was, IN SECONDS. Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine!
More info...
Software::Utilities::System Utilities
Baseline Shield One Year License
Baseline Shield Special
More info...
Software::Utilities::System Utilities
Eazy Fix One Year License
Eazy Fix eliminates the hassles and headaches of dealing with Windows problems by simply returning the computer to the way it was, IN SECONDS. Eazy Fix is a Windows Time Machine!
More info...
Image N/A Software::Home & Education::Genealogy
A basic genealogy system by FAMware, Computer Software for the Family.

It has core genealogy features that you will find helpful and satisfying, including a database to enter names and data elements about your family, ancestors, descendants, aunts and uncles, cousins, even the black sheep.

It has useful reports providing lists of all these people, as well as pedigree charts and family group sheets, and captures family photos.

Basic Features: - Multiple Menus, Toolbar Selections, and Dialog Boxes - Fully functioning Data Entry and Family Constructor Windows - Includes LINKS, SELECT, PREV, NEXT, PERSON, SPOU, ANCES, DESC, CONST, BUNDLE, HELP, etc. - Fully function ListView panel - TreeView panel with Right-Click context sensitive menu - Bundle screen with easily to use organization and interface - Fully functioning context sensitive Help screens - Software Tip-Of-The-Day to help you learn quickly - Pop-up Messages that provide overviews and How-To's

Reports: - 4 Generation Ancestor Chart - Family Group Sheet - By-Family Descendants Listing - Birthday List - Database Index - Family Photo Album

Family History LITE is easily upgraded to any of the full bundle FAMware packages if you choose to do so later. Upgrading is not necessary. Use the Preferences 'Main' tab to 'Emulate' any of the full Bundle packages to see what features could be added by upgrading.

More info...

Image N/A Software
Create chores and assign them to family members. Print chores Lists. Associate images. This Family Chores software organizes tasks that need to be done in the home and helps you divide responsibilities between family members. Similar to a to-do list but for chores. When children learn to help out around the house the quality of family life improves.
More info...
Image N/A Software
Keep track of your family's recipes. Easy to update and share. For Windows Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, of Tablet PCs.
More info...
Image N/A Software
FAMware Package Launcher
FAMware is a suite of software tools with features that improve productivity and quality of family life. The purpose of FAMware Package Launcher (FwFPL) is to provide multiple software packages with one purchase. It contains the installation files necessary to install and run each FAMware product. FAMware falls into four categories: Family History, Family Finances, Family Tools, and "Other" software. When you click a category at the top of FPL you will see the packages that fall into that category highlighted on the right. To learn about a package simply click it's radio button on the right. When ready to install, click the blue button at the bottom. Although installation is a one-time event for each program, it will take time to install everything. So, we recommend that you just install the programs that you are most interested in to begin with. Once a program has been installed clicking the blue button launches the program. This means you can run any FAMware program right from FwFPL. There are Help buttons on just about every window, as well as tutorials, tool tips, sample data, and other resources to help you get started.
More info...
Image N/A Software::Home & Education::Miscellaneous
Helps you make personal decisions (such as who to marry), and those big family decisions (such as where to go on vacation or which car/home to buy). You'll have fun with this.

Uses the weighted point rating system.

Give a name to the decision you need to make.

List the alternatives (solutions you could choose).

List criteria (what is important to you in making this decision).

Weight each criterion according to it's importance (1 to 10).

Rate each alternative, criterion by criterion, on a scale of 1 to 10.

The program calculates the best alternative and documents your decision.

More info...

Image N/A Software::Home & Education::Home Inventory
Keep track of the property in your home.

Fun interface uses simple drag and drop feature to organize property to match your house with your floors, spaces, and rooms.

Database stores each property item, including name, description, estimated value, location, photo, who gets it when you die, etc.

Provides documentation for insurance or estate disposition purposes.

Prints useful reports with photos, items organized by location, and overall property value.

More info...

Image N/A Software::Business & Finance::Personal Finance
Reach you savings goals!

Calculate amount needed to save each month to reach a target savings balance based on interest rate and months to save.

Do "what-if" analysis.

Generates savings forecast.

Also includes 'Interview' and 'Accelerate' features.

Illustration: Watch home increase in size (until you live in a mansion), as rate of return on your investment gets higher and higher.

More info...

Image N/A Software::Business & Finance::Personal Finance
Get out of Debt! Pay off loans quickly! Amortization and acceleration options.

Calculates monthly payment based on loan amount, interest rate, and months to repay.

Can calculate any of the loan values (loan amount, rate, term, payment) based on the other three.

Generates loan amortization schedule that lets you see what your balance will be after each payment.

Do "what-if" analysis.

Includes 'Interview' and 'Accelerate' features. Increase your monthly payment (or pay an extra amount) and see how much interest you will save and how much less time it will take to get it paid off.

Illustration: Loan shark comes out of the water and bites you as interest rate gets higher.

More info...

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate
Partition Wizard Professional Edition
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MiniTool ShadowMaker Business
2018 best backup software

MiniTool ShadowMaker Business Deluxe
2018 best backup software from MiniTool Software
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MiniTool ShadowMaker Pro Ultimate
2018 best backup software from MiniTool
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